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About Carol

Carol Mannion is a consultant, facilitator and coach who works with clients to achieve impactful behaviour change and strategic alignment via their learning and development (L&D) initiatives.  With a proven track record in delivering results for organisations, teams and individuals through L&D, organisational development and strategic HR programmes, Carol has consulted across a range of industries and sectors.  She has held senior consultancy roles at PwC and the Irish Management Institute and has extensive experience leading L&D activities at Allianz and Zurich.  Carol’s educational credentials include a Diploma in Strategic HR, a Diploma in Coaching and a Masters in International Management.

As a facilitator, Carol specialises in topics relating to organisational, team and leadership effectiveness.  She has experience of designing and delivering high impact learning experiences across a range of topics including; purpose and values, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, wellness, resilience, collaboration, team dynamics, communication, presentation skills and decision-making.  Carol’s facilitation approach is learner centred and outcomes focused.  She works closely with her clients to ensure that the workshops and virtual classrooms she runs are tailored to the audience and aligned to the desired outcomes of the client.  

As an executive coach, Carol challenges her clients to stretch their potential and achieve their goals.  An experienced L&D professional and management consultant, Carol brings a unique perspective to her coaching practice, encouraging individuals to search within to discover their true potential. Through skillful listening and questioning, Carol encourages her clients to uncover their purpose and values to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life both personally and professionally. Carol has coached leaders around their promotion readiness, through career transitions and on leadership development programmes.

A former PwC Management Consultant,

Carol brings breadth of knowledge of sectors and industries and depth of expertise in strategic people issues to the table for her consultancy engagements.  Carol partners with mid to large organisations to kickstart strategic HR initiatives.  Whether a client is looking to take a more proactive approach to talent management and succession planning, review and revamp their performance management approach or design a talent and leadership development architecture, Carol will bring a fresh perspective and energy to the project and work closely with the client team to gain forward momentum and deliver results..

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